2001 ASA A Twitty

Hooters/Easton out of Kansas came back to Hendersonville, Tenn. after finishing second in last year’s Twitty A Division and captured this year’s title. This team has to step up to the next level and play against stiffer competition. I believe they’re capable of playing against some of the good AA teams and will be very competitive. Finishing 2nd. this weekend was a very good A team, who had to come a long ways through the loser’s bracket to get the runner-up spot, and that was Phonemasters/TPS. Third spot went to Deery Brothers, another fine A team and fourth place went to Sportstar. I want to say it’s great to see the participation of these 38 teams entered in the Twitty A Class. You guys should be proud to be able to go to tournaments like the Twitty and all the other great A tournaments around the country and get to play against all this competition. There’s no question in my mind, that the A Division is unbelievable in how many good teams and how competitive they are.

Good luck to all of you this season.

1. Hooters/Easton
2. Phonemasters/TPS
3. Deery Brothers
4. Sportstar