2001 Texas Legends USSSA Major NIT

Hooters/Mizuno continues to play very well as they win this first ever NIT in Euless, Texas and become the third team to earn a berth to Mickey Mouse World, in the USSSA World Series. Hooter’s is another one of those great A teams in the country. Hooters was led by MVP Brent Wilhelm and a host of other good players from this Mizuno powerhouse team. This bunch will be there every weekend battling for a championship. They have a mix of veteran players and very good young ones who can play this game well. The Mizuno management has definitely chose the right teams to represent and sponsor for the 2002 season. They have a bunch of very good teams throughout the country at every level which is great for the game. Second place went to another very good team Twin States/Worth. This bunch is on the move up in the rankings. They have a lot of talent and will continue to get better as the season goes on. This team lost some games early to some teams whom they shouldn’t have lost too, but are starting to get it going and will definitely be a contender each weekend. Third place, goes to Budweiser/Absolute/Team Expert/Worth who has played good, but has yet to get it all together. There is no question they have a lot of very good players but need to step it up to rise up in the rankings. I am sure Hutch will get them going. as they have way too much talent not to be winning more games. Fourth place went to Mountain Top/TPS who played very well early on in the season but have dropped a bit in the last couple of weeks. They are way too good to be losing some of the games, and I believe they will pick it up and get back on track. I would like to say to Texas Red “I don’t know who got this tournament going but I figure you must have been a big part of it, and I will say whoever you guys are you deserve a big hand for getting it done. I like to see people promoting Big Time Softball no matter what organization or where it’s played. Good job, Texas.