2001 World’s Largest Tournament

Paramount Builders/Worth won the A portion of the World’s Largest Tournament in Richmond over the Memorial Day tournament. Paramount/Builders/Worth lost the 1st game of the DE portion of the tournament to Smokes/ABS/TPS 31 – 21. In the first round of the losers bracket, Paramount/Builders/Worth defeated O&S Cattle/Mizuno from Minnesota 35 – 11. BJ Fulk and John Adams lead the charge for Paramount going 5 for 5 each in the victory. The highlight of this game was a 27 run second inning by Paramount Builders/Worth. In the loser’s bracket final, Paramount Builders/Worth beat a scrappy Braddock Motors/Suds Shop from Frederick, Maryland 31 – 16. BJ Fulk and John Dutch went 5 for 5 in the victory. Roy Jarman was 4 for 5 with 2 HR’s. This set-up a rematch with Smokes/ABS/TPS. Smokes had already defeated Paramount twice once in the bracket and in the first round of DE. In a hard fought victory marked by great defensive plays from both teams, Paramount Builders/Worth beat Smokes 21 – 19. Roy Jarman and Tim Smith were 3 for 3 and BJ Fulk, Derek Oliver, Randy Romagna were 3 for 4. Derek Oliver had 2 HR’s. Ken Ezzell was 4 for 4 for Smokes. The final went to Paramount Builders/Worth 16 – 12. Paramount Builders/Worth. Derek Oliver led the charge with 4 hits (2 HR’s) and Roy Jarman and BJ Fulk had 3 hits apiece.

O&S Cattle/Mizuno won the bracket going 6 and 0, Smokes finished second 5 and 1, Paramount Builders/Worth, Braddock Motors/Suds Shop, and Buckeye/Eagle Group finished tied at 3 and 3. Buckeye Eagle Group did not advance losing the tie breaker.