2002 ASA Super Cincinnati, OH

Phonemasters/K&G Sports/SchwinngTPS finally put it together this weekend and won this ASA Super. The K&G boys are a very good team, and have proven that they can play with anybody. They have at times not played very good and lost to some teams they shouldn’t have, but as they say that’s why they play the game.
Winning this one may get them on the right track, and if so watch out!! This team has a lot of talented players and can flat-out hit it. We will see! Second place went to Perkins/Watanabe/TPS who always seem to have a very good team year in and year out. They don’t have a big budget, but play a lot around home and always make it to 3 or 4 big tournaments. Dave is one of the real good sponsors and is a great guy and has been a big part of Big Time softball for years. Chase/Reece/Roosters/Easton have played very well all
season, but couldn’t get it going this weekend. This club will be in the running most tournaments, believe me. EMR/Worth, another team you don’t hear much about are a good team and very competitive when they do enter these better tournaments took fourth place in this tournament. Congratulations to Danny Saylor for getting this great tournament back on track. There were a great field of teams entered this weekend and maybe this will get this tournament back at the top.