2002 ASA Super Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky was the setting for this ASA Grand Slam Tournament originally scheduled for Lexington, Kentucky, but was moved to Louisville due to other circumstances. Phonemasters/K&G Sports/TPS won this very good tournament that had six very good teams entered and the battle was on. K&G, has begun to put things together and now are proving they belong up at the top of the rankings. I think this bunch thought they should of been ranked higher, but it this reporter’s eyes were not playing good enough to warrant that. This team has started to play very well these last few weeks, and I can tell you they are back and will be very tough to beat down the stretch. The K&G boys had to push a little harder in this one as the second place team, Lighthouse/Worth have been showing they can play with any of the big dogs in Class A this season. K&G had to come back through to beat this Lighthouse team to win this one. I didn’t get a lot of information on this tournament so I won’t write a whole lot about it. I believe Raymond Moscow will report on it also.

I would like to take the time to say what a great job Ray and Dawn do promoting Big Time softball down in the Kentucky area. “Big Time” softball owes both of them a big thank you for their hard work and dedication to this great game. Great job Ray & Dawn!!!