2002 Boone’s Tournament

I have heard about Boone’s tournament since Randall has held it and I finally got to go there this past weekend. It was all I’ve heard about and more. The Left Field Lounge was unbelievable. The ribs and pork butts were the best. Smoka Red has all the tools, believe me he can flat out cook and it was delicious. Now I don’t drink, but I can tell you there was plenty of it there to add to the festivities. To be able to sit under that tent and eat and reminisce about the great game of softball made it enjoyable and well worth attending. Oh yeh Huggy, those dogs and burgers were great for breakfast.

Now for the tournament; Resmondo Sod who had 7 players from their Hague/Resmondo/Walser/Worth team went 7-0 on route to the championship. Missing from that team was Krause, Kortokrax, Striebel, Volkers and Frizzel. MVP Robbie Ergle just absolutely hit the hell out of it, and I mean consistently in the 350′-400′ range. I can tell you Worth is back and so is their bat. The PST 137 is unbelievable. Pickup player Allen Tanner also had a very good tournament producing 23 homeruns. “Big” Dennis Turner hit some long bombs too throughout the tournament. Chaun Demars also hit some long ones. Over the years I have seen some of the sponsors hit in bp and as well as in some games, but I found out who is the best. Frank Matheson, alias Franko hit some long homeruns and had some big base hits. He just plain wore it out as he and Chaun both arriving late for the tourney as they had airplane problems, contributed big in their win. Big Franko was a close second in the voting for MVP honors. It certainly was an awesome display he put on for his teammates to see. Watch out boys he may be looking for a spot to play this season. WW Gay/Aubrey’s/TPS finished second and played very good. They will be a threat in Class A all season long. Third place went to Jonesboro/TPS another one of those very good A teams. Getting the fourth spot was that world famous team Nellie’s Boys who gave Resmondo Sod their only game that went the distance. Nellie’s was down 16 in the bottom of the 7th. and got within two before losing. They had Rusty Bumgardner, Jason Kendrick, Scott King, Randall Boone and some other good players. I can tell you there’s no doubt in my mind that Nellie was a heavy candidate to being named MVP. He did it all for his team, including drinking ha!! I also believe Smoka Red should of got a few votes for the same honor. It was a great tournament Randall and I will be looking forward to coming back again.