2002 ISA A Worlds

Florida Heat/Nave Plumbing/Joe Black’s/Worth put on one of the great performances by a Class A softball team in the history of the game by making this ISA World Tournament their 3rd. National Championship of 2002. Florida Heat has won the ISA AA World, the ISA A World and USSSA A World, UNBELIEVABLE!! The Florida Heat boys have a chance to win the ASA East Class A World’s this weekend, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they do. There’s not much more I can say about this bunch, they just are a very good team period!! These three championships this season rank right up with any accomplishment that any other team has ever done in this game. This was another total team effort and I’m sure that pitcher Pat Wayne was a big factor again. This is a very experienced team who knows how to win. Congratulations to Roger and the gang and Good Luck in Jacks this weekend!! Second place went to Smokes/ABS/Mizuno who has not played in a lot of big tournaments this season, but is definitely a very good team. Doc’s/Mizuno finished in third place but not to my surprise, because this bunch has always done well in post season play. Fourth place went to Team Mizuno who in my opinion played too much ball in the early part of the season, then took off the month of June and has not played good enough down the stretch to win one. This was another good field of teams that played in this one. Like I said call them A or AA teams, they are certainly all competitive against each other. Good job ISA for running this event.