2002 Last Chance NIT

The #1 Backman/Dan Smith/Menosse/Easton and the #4 Mountain Top/Advance/USA Cash/TPS battled to a draw in the Last Chance NIT in Sterling Heights this past weekend. The big win in this one went to LDJ/Varsity who finished in 4th place and won the right to play in the USSSA World Series at Disney World. This was as usual a good tournament and softball fans got a chance to see who will get the last spot in the USSSA World Series. The Backman boys had to come through the Loser’s Bracket and got to play Mountain Top again. The Mountain Top crew had defeated Backman early on in the tournament. The Backman boys wasted no time and got revenge by winning the first game of the Championship, but that was all that was to be played because the 2 teams had agreed to be Co-Championship if Backman won the first one. The reason behind it all was stated that team wanted to catch their flights home, but obviously there were other reasons why this took place. LDJ/Varsity a good team from Michigan who doesn’t play much in the Super NIT’s played good enough in this one to win the berth. LDJ has always been a competitive team and Larry has always done a good job putting this team together. Congratulations to Larry and the team for winning your berth to the Mickey Mouse World.

Metro Glass/Waltham who got 3rd place is another very good A team from Michigan who also will be at Disney World. That is for the NIT’s in all associations for the 2002 season. Here it comes the World Tournaments!!!! Good luck to all the teams and have a safe trip to wherever you are going and return home to your families safe.

The Top 15 remains the same for now and will not change until the NSA AA tournament this weekend is over.