2002 USSSA A Worlds

Florida Heat/Joe Blacks/Nave Plumbing/Worth boys just keep on proving how good this team is by winning the USSSA A Worlds. This ball club is playing great softball no matter who or where they play. They have a lot of veterans who flat out know how to win and that pitcher Pat Wayne they got knows how to get people out. He could pitch for any of the three Super teams and get it done, he is that good. Florida Heat beat some of the the very best A teams in the country on route to the Championship. They beat a very good Mountain Top team and also a very good Creative Stucco, and it was done from a total team effort. This was a great field of teams in this USSSA A World. I can tell you that all the A Worlds in all the associations will be filled with the best A teams in the country. I believe that all teams except the three Supers should be allowed to play in the Class A Worlds in all associations. That should include Twin States, Chase or any other A teams or any other AA teams, if that’s what you want to call them. It would be no cake walk for teams like Chase, Twin States and even Budweiser in homerun restricted tournaments. Let them play, all of the A & AA teams and you will have the most competitive World Tournaments you’ve ever had, period!! Second place went to Mountain Top/Advanced/USA Cash/TPS who is a class act team and have some very talented people who can play this game. I believe that this team should play in all the association world’s, they are very good and they can compete. They should forget the politics and think about the betterment of the game, period! Third place went to Creative Stucco/Easton who has some very good players and should have had a better season than the’ve had. They showed that they can play with all the good A teams in this one. Good Luck to all the A teams in wherever they play their next World Tournaments.