2005 ASA A East Nationals

Berardi’s/TPS wins the ASA East and will be heading to Oklahoma for the Hooters Championship. Berardi’s has now made it the 4th World Championship for Louisville Slugger in 2005. Team Stucco/TPS has two, Aubrey’s/TPS has one and now Berardi’s has one. There are four World Tournaments left, the Hooter’s Championship, the WSL Championship, the ASA Major and the “grand daddy” of them all the USSSA Super Worlds. Berardi’s has been very competitive all season long. This is a very solid A team for sure. I believe the Hooter’s Championship against Long Haul/Miken will be a very good final. These two teams are very close tight teams. It should be very interesting. Congratulations and good luck in Oklahoma. Second place went to Birdies Old School. I don’t know much about this team, but they must of played pretty good to get second. Good job boys! Third place went to Check King/Hit n Run. This bunch has been pretty competitive throughout the season. Good job guys! Fourth place went to Godfather/Worth, who I don’t know much about either. Good job guys! Team Stucco/TPS and Aubrey’s/Resmondo/TPS finished tied for 5th. These two had to play each other in the first game. I can tell you that neither one played very well in this one. Just a bad weekend for both of these very good A teams.