2005 ASA Hooters Championship

Long Haul/Miken won this great Class A National by sweeping Berardi’s/TPS in three games. “The Truckers” have now won two World Titles, the WSL in 2003 & the ASA Class A. This team is made up of brothers, brother-in-laws and cousins with a couple of outsiders. Believe me, this bunch can play the game. This team started off slow, but got it rolling in Little Rock and just won from there on out. Congratulations on a great season. Good luck next year. Berardi’s/TPS just didn’t play well in this one. I can tell you this team had a great season and have nothing to hang their heads for. Congratulations on a great season, and good luck next year. Jean Shoppe/Worth won the Class B, but had to go the distance winning the 5th game to capture the B National. This is another very good team who needs to step up and play A ball next year. They can compete with any of the A teams. Good luck next year.

I want to commend Ron, Kelly and the whole ASA staff on a great Hooters Championship. I hope you guys make the right moves and the right changes to bring back the ASA where it belongs next year. Do not wait, you need to get it done now. Good luck. I would like to thank Softball Central, Gene Smith and Scott for the great job they did broadcasting the USSSA A. the ASA Major and the two greatest games to ever been played in the USSSA Majors. This was a total professional job done by these two guys, and I believe a great promotion for Big Time Softball. Thanks The Old Scout