2005 ISA A Worlds

Aubrey’s/Resmondo/TPS wins this one, and I believe they were the best team entered. This is a very good A team, who has played well every weekend all season long. I look for this bunch to be very tough in next weeks USSSA A Worlds. The Catalyst bat has been a great addition for this ball club in 2005, that’s for sure. Great job guys and good luck the rest of the season. Second place went to Northwest Pipe/3N2/Easton, who has played very well the last few weekends. This team will be very competitive in the A Worlds next weekend, I guarantee you. Another great job this weekend from Larry and his boys. Good luck next weekend. Third place went to a B team called Kirby’s, whom I don’t know much about, but they must of played very good to get third. Good job boys! Fourth place went to Higgs Properties, a team out of Florida. I know this bunch came together a few weeks ago, but don’t know a whole lot about them. Good job boys!

Good job guys to the ISA staff who ran this tournament.

I’m going to write a little about the 2005 World Tournaments. I will start out by saying something has to be done with running these Worlds on the same dates. There’s no reason for any of these associations to run their events on the same weekend. I’m here to tell you it hurts both associations when they try to run on the same dates, and I don’t care what association does it. I believe that the world tournaments should be for the top teams in the Super and Class A only. I do not believe that local, B, C or D teams who just can’t compete should be allowed to play. Those teams who want to play against the better teams should play some of the NIT’s, not the worlds. I know the associations want to have as many teams play as possible, but that should not be that way in the worlds. I believe if all the associations would try to get the best teams into their world’s and not bring in teams that just can’t compete, then you would have a much better event. I’ve said before, that there are just way too many NIT’s and with all the Class A Worlds, the NSA AA, the ASA Major and the two Supers, it is impossible for these teams to participate, not enough money and not enough teams period. The Class A Worlds should be no more than 12 teams in the ISA, NSA, ASA and WSL. The USSSA Class A & B should be no more than 20 teams. There should be no ASA Major and no NSA AA period. The AA and Major can’t get more than four and five teams, and if the Class A teams don’t play there is no tournament, so why have it? There’s no problem in the lower divisions, C, D & E that’s for sure. The NSA Class A had only seven legit A teams, the NSA AA had one so called AA team and four legit A teams. The ISA Class A had three A teams and three B teams. The USSSA Class A & B next week should have 12-15 legit A teams and about 5 B teams. The ASA Class A East should have about 10-12 A teams, the West should have about 4-5 A teams. The NSA Super should have the two Super teams and about 5 A teams. The USSSA Super should have the two super teams, 10 A teams and 4 B teams and maybe 2 more B teams. I think we need to cut the NIT’s way down, no more NSA AA, and no more ASA Major. “Big Time Softball” should be Class A & Super. The only way the game changes is if the two Super teams break up and they allow 3 or 4 elite players to play on the A teams period. Remember this is just my opinion.