2005 Long Haul Bombers Championship

Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, Arizona was the site for the finals of the 2005 Long Haul Bombers Homerun Derby. RJ Howerton, the gentle giant from Team Combat got in the groove early and hammered 11 out of 15 to capture the championship. RJ hit first and hit some gigantic bombs to left and left center in this huge ballpark, 335′-380′ and 413′. The Combat was the best for the bats in this one, that’s for sure. Congratulations to RJ and I am sure the $5,000 prize money will come in handy. Scott Brown from Bell Corp/Taylor Bros/Backman/Easton finished as the runner-up. Scott was very consistent all season long in this homerun derby tour. Congratulations Scott, and I know you and your wife will enjoy your all expense paid trip to Mexico. Briggs, Bumgardner and Helmer were the other contestants. I know for sure that this Long Haul Bombers Homerun Tour throughout Major League baseball stadiums this summer is the best promotion that Bigtime Softball has ever done. The players and the game have got the exposure to well over 750,000 baseball fans. Most of these fans have never seen a softball hit. I can tell you that when these players after hitting sat for two hours signing autographs for kids and many adults. I can also tell you that one of the most asked questions is “where can we see you guys play”? Talking with the players they say “everytime they go through the airports or on the plane people are asking “are you guys professional athletes”? I personally would like to thank John Daniels for putting this deal together and taking this game to the next level. I also want to say this bigtime promotion could not be done without these great sponsors, Combat, Easton Sports, Mizuno, Miken Sports, Louisville Slugger, Long Haul Trucking, Avis Rent A Car, Best Western Hotels and others just to mention a few. I know for sure that next year we will be in more Major League stadiums across America and put on the greatest show in bigtime softball. Great job guys and looking forward to next year.