2005 Maryland USSSA NIT

The 2nd USSSA NIT of the 2005 season was played in the great state of Maryland this past weekend. Quick Roofing/Alabama Brick/Doc’s/Easton won the tournament and their USSSA Super berth to “Mickey Mouse World”. The “Brick Boys” beat the second best team in this one, that being Team Stucco/TPS for the win. Brick and Stucco will be contenders in all the A Worlds in 2005. This tournament had two good A teams, 5 B teams and about 7 C teams of the 14 teams entered. The Ormond Beach USSSA NIT next week will feature 1 Super team, Resmondo/Smith/Menossee, 4 A teams, 2 B teams and 3 C teams in the super division. I believe this is how it’s going to be all season long in most of the NIT’s. Sunrise Pools, a B team finished in 3rd. place this weekend, and Berardi’s/Team LTP took 4th. Chris Chilton was named the tournament’s MVP. Chris is one of the very good players who doesn’t play on one of the two big teams. He can base hit it, hit for power and can “pick it” with the best. I would like to congratulate Bob Holland on another great job running this Maryland NIT. I also want to thank Jim McCarron for posting the scores and highlights of this tournament. Thanks Jim

I attended the Long Haul Bombers Homerun Derby at Dolphin Stadium, home of the Florida Marlins this weekend. The Mizuno team of Rusty Bumgardner and Jeff Hall, and the Easton team Scott Brown and Brett Helmer were the hitters in this one. Louisville Slugger’s Andy Purcell did the pitching. The conditions were pretty windy, as the wind was swirling throughout the stadium. Scott Brown hit it right through the wind hitting 12-15. Helmer hit 8-15, Rusty hit 7-15 and Hall hit 5-15. The show was filmed for TV and will be shown later this season. Ken Griffey Jr. stopped by to say hello to all the boys, and signed autographs and took pictures with all the players. This sure was a class move by the future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Josh Becket also took time to meet the guys and take pictures, another class act. The dugouts were full of Major League players, along with 28,000 fans watching the “big bombers” hit some long bombs. Both the fans and the Major League players loved seeing the ball leave the park. It truly was a great show for all. I’m here to tell you this is the best promotion for the best homerun hitters in the world, and also for the bat manufacturers who sponsor these great hitters and the best pitcher in the world. Thanks to Louisville Slugger, Easton Sports, Mizuno Sports, Miken Sports, Combat Sports, Trump Softball, Avis along with Long Haul Trucking for making this all possible.

The Top 15 rankings stay the same this week.