2005 Milwaukee USSSA NIT

Quick Roofing/Alabama Brick/Doc’s/Easton won this NIT in Milwaukee by going undefeated. This my friends is another one of these very good A teams who will be a big threat to win a Class A World. They are one hell of a talented team. They have a lot of people who know how to win, I guarantee you. Like I’ve said all season, “I can’t wait to see the A Worlds this year”. I believe that there are about 14 solid A teams who have a chance to win one or two Class A Worlds. We will see soon. The USSSA A should be a dandy in Mickey Mouse World. I look for AM Las Vegas, Aubrey’s, Alabama Brick, Quick Roofing, Barnes Logging, Watanabe, Quick Roofing/Cash Pawn, Northwest Pipe, Tacoma Dodge, Team Stucco, Team Combat, New/McNair & Pace who have a shot at winning a Class A World. The NSA, ASA & ISA will be just as good, it’s going to be a battle in everyone. Second place went to Quick Roofing/Cash Pawn. I have not ranked this team in my Top 15 because I did not receive a roster from them. I knew this was a good team after they played a few weekends. I will put them where they belong now. Third place went to K&A Softball, a B team who played very good in this one, good job boys! Fourth place went to Northwest Pipe, who just seems to play very well in every tournament they enter. This is a very competitive team. The USSSA berth in this tourney will go Northwest Pipe/3N2/Easton. K&A Softball will not accept the berth because they want to play in the B Worlds. Once again another good job by Pudge and his staff on running this Milwaukee NIT. Pudge has ran this one for years, and it is a good one. I know the main diamond is getting old, but I believe Pudge should try and get the city to fix up that little stadium and keep this excellent tournament going. I also want to t hank Jim McCarran again for posting the scores and highlights. This guy is one heck of a softball man who really cares about the game. We need more people like Jim.