2005 WSL North American Championships

I’ve got to tell you this was one of the most competitive Worlds in all divisions that I have seen in a long time. Starting out with the A Division Quick Roofing/Alabama Brick/Doc’s/Easton, who were the Class of the field in this one. The “Quick Boys” just hit it, hit it with power and played great defense. “The Brick Boys” have been a very strong team all season long, and finally got over the hump and won a World Championship. This was the first World Championship for sponsor Jeff Quick and sponsor, manager Doc Barr. Congratulations to Doc and Jeff on the win and for being two great sponsors over the years. This was a total team effort for sure. Great job guys and good luck in the big one. Second place went to Long Haul/Miken, who played very good, but could not get it done this weekend. “The Truckers” beat the “Brick Boys” last week in the West ASA Class A Tournament. The “Long Haul Boys” have had a good season and will head to Oklahoma to play the Hooters ASA A Championship against Berardi’s/TPS. Good job boys and good luck in Oklahoma. Third place went to Blue Martini, who had about six Berardi players in the line-up. “The Martini Boys” lost a very tough game against the “Brick Boys” and then lost to Long Haul. This bunch was in every game with Mooch doing the pitching. When this guy is pitching it doesn’t matter what association he pitches in, he is going to keep his team in it, I guarantee you. This young man is as good as it gets, believe me. Good job guys and good luck in Oklahoma. Fourth place went to CAI, who played very good in this one. Great job boys and good luck down the road.

The B Division had a great field of teams, and it proved it by the finish. Kirby Investments won this unbelievable B Division by outlasting Team Arkansas. The boys from Destin Beach, FL, a home grown team, put it all together in this one to capture the WSL B World. This bunch just scrapped their butt off to win this one. The “Kirby Boys” can hit it and pick it, and that was the difference winning. This bunch just did not quit when they were down, they found their way to win. Congratulations on this great victory and good luck in what you do in 2006. Second place went to Team Arkansas, who is a very good B team who I had seen earlier at the Busch Classic and they had played well there. This bunch gave it their all before coming up a little short in the first game of the Championship. Great job guys, and good luck the rest of the season. Third place went to Tharaldson’s Enterprises, who was another good B team. This gang played very hard and deserved their third place finish. Good job guys. Fourth place went to Jean Shoppe/Worth, who just didn’t get it done in this one. Make no mistake, this is one very talented team, but did not play to their standards this weekend and it cost them. Good job and good luck in Oklahoma.

The C Division was another great tourney. The battle was fierce and Avalon Softball got the WSL C World title. This is a very good C team who plays great defense and can also hit it. Good job guys and good luck. Second place went to Players Sport Pub who gave it a great battle, but came up a little short. Good job boys. Third place went to Triangle Softball, who is also another one of those very good C teams. This bunch played very well in this one, that’s for sure. Good luck down the road. Fourth place went to Bud/Miken/Hummers who had a very good tournament and a good finish. Good luck boys.

The D Division was another great battle and CSC/ALP Services won this one. This is a very good D team who can play the game. Great job boys and congratulations in winning this WSL World. Second place went to Gosnells/Boombah. This is also a very good D team. Good job boys and good luck. Third place went to LO2/Lights Out, who played very good in this one. Good luck down the road. Fourth place went to Zamora’s/All Out Sports. This bunch gave it their all and played pretty well.

The Women’s Upper Division was a round robin and then double elimination. Long Haul/Said Enough/Easton won this very competitive Women’s Upper WSL Championship. “The Truckers” lost in the round robin to Minnesota Ice, but came charging out of the double elimination and beat Ice on route to the Championship. I said in an earlier softball report that this is one hell of a women’s team, and they have proven me right. This bunch had one fall this season and that was the USSSA A Worlds losing to the Ice, but turned the table in this one. Congratulations on winning the WSL Open and good luck. Second place went to Okaki Softball, who is a very good team, who can pick it and hit it. This bunch gave it all they had, but came up a little short. Good tournament girls and good luck. Third place went to Minnesota Ice, who really is a very good team. “The Ice Girls” just came up a little short in this one. This team is managed by Scott Brown, one of the bigtime hitters in softball. Fourth place went to Minnesota Storm, who’s also a very good team. Great job and good luck.

The Women’s Lower Division was won by Bryant Express, who’s a very nice lower division team. They played very well in getting this WSL Miken Championship. Good job girls and good luck. Second place went to Tharaldson’s Enterprises, who also played very good. Great job girls and good luck. Third place went to Hilton of PBC. This bunch also played good. Good luck down the road. Fourth place went to Warm Trucking. This team also played well. Good luck girls.

I’m going to write about the WSL Miken North American Championships. John Daniels has led the WSL for four years and it has grown every year since. John has gotten involved with existing tournaments that have been very successful events. Tournaments like the MaQuade in North Dakota, 424 teams this year. College Station, Texas, 200 teams; The Firemen’s in Bloomington, Minnesota, 164 teams; Corky’s in Minnesota, 100 teams; the Spud Fest, 80 teams and tournaments in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio and many other places throughout the country. John has held four WSL World Championships and each year it has gotten better. John and Miken Sports had the biggest cash payout and Miken prize package that any association has ever given out. Every Division got cash and a Miken package. When I go on my board and see some idiot posting absolute garbage about the WSL and the fields at Frank Brown Park in Panama City I want to puke. Then the idiot doesn’t have the balls to sign his name. Like him or not, John Daniels has given his all to promote this great game of softball. His Softball 360° TV show is a First Class show. The ratings are unbelievable all over the country. That my friend is how this game should be promoted. There’s no way that idiot is going to come on my board anymore and bash John, the WSL or any other association, sponsor, player, myself or anybody else. I have given people who come on the board a chance when they bash and don’t sign their name. I can tell you all now It is OVER!! I will ban anybody from the board who bashes anyone, That is It!!!

I want to thank the staff at Frank Brown Park on a great job, and also the concession people who worked their butts off. I want to commend the umpires on a great job in all the divisions. I want to thank the WSL staff on a great job on running this great WSL/Miken North American Championship. Great job!! I want to tell you that the Class A & B was played on the 325′ field using 80′ bases, which was absolutely the way this game should be played. I also believe the USSSA Class A Worlds was perfect on the 300′ fields because of the ball used, and that’s the way it should be. The 330′ fields used in the NSA Worlds with 80′ bases was also perfect. We have two choices in my opinion to play this game in 2006; 325′ or bigger with 80′ bases or 300′ fields with explosive balls and 70′ bases. I say play some on 300′ and some on 325′ or bigger and this game will survive. Remember this is only my opinion.