2006 Conference USSSA Championship

I apologize for being late, as I left the Conference Championship and went on to Panama City Beach, Fla. for the WSL Championships. Bell Corp/Taylor/Belcher/Easton wins the inaugural Conference Championship. “The Chimers” got into the single elimination after going 2-2 in pool play. There were 3 teams with 2-2 records in the pool. Benfield got the #1 seed and Bell got the #2 seed over Jean Shoppe and Team Worth. Bell with the 2nd. seed in their pool got to play Resmondo, who was the #1 seed in their pool.

“The Bell Boys” came out and scored early and often. Resmondo came out flatter than a pancake and Bell run-ruled Resmondo in three. “The Bell Boys” had to wait to see who they would play. Benfield was playing Specialty Tank and the winner would get Bell in the championship game. Bell Corp. won this close game over Specialty Tank winning 19-16 to become the Conference Champions in year one. Bell did not play well in the pool play, but got it going in the single elimination. Congraulations to Bell and good luck in the big one at Disney.

Specialty Tank/Worth played good in pool play, with their only loss to Resmondo. Congratulations to Tank and good luck at Disney. Resmondo played great in pool play, run-ruling everybody. “The Sod Boys” just did not hit against Bell. I think Scott Nastally had something to say about that with his good knuckle ball working. Good luck to Resmondo at Disney. Benfield also played very good in pool play, but they were off against Specialty Tank and came up short. Good luck at Disney. Good luck to all the other teams at Disney who participated in the conference tourney.

Resmondo and Bell and 14 other teams head to Mickey Mouse World for the USSSA Men’s Major World on Sept. 20-24. I can tell you this, Resmondo is prone to lose early at Disney, but seem to always find a way to double-dip somebody. Bell has always got through the winner’s bracket and then they get double-dipped. The big question is can Benfield, Specialty Tank, Northwest Pipe or Jean Shoppe upset the two big boys and win it all.

I would like to commend Don and his conference staff on a great first season. Good luck to all the teams and to Don and his staff in 2007. Looking forward to another great season.