2006 PIF

Long Haul/Miken won this great tournament across the border of our neighbors in Canada. The “Long Haul Boys” are a very solid team who plays very well in ASA play. I also believe they could be very competitive in USSSA if they played more. Make no mistake about it, this team has people who know how to play and win, I guarantee you. This bunch does not travel a whole lot, but if they did and played the better competition they would be a whole lot better and beat some good teams. Great job and good luck.

Second place went to Life Scan/Vacances/Transat, who are a very good Canadian team. This bunch has some very good players. This team does not get to play the better teams too often, but if they did they would get much better also. I know it costs too much for this team to travel to the USA a lot, but if they could they certainly would be competitive. Great job and good luck.

Third place went to Check King/Hit n Run/Worth, who is one of those good lower A teams. This team is competitive at the lower A level , and will surprise teams if they don’t play well. Good job boys. See you all down the road. Fourth place went to Higgins, a team I don’t know much about, but must of played pretty good to get fourth in this one. Good job boys and good luck.

I heard it was another Great Pif Tournament, as usual and I’m sure it was. I know that Charlie and his staff go all out running this annual event. I have always said, that if you haven’t ever played at the Pif you’re missing out on one of the most exciting weekends in softball I guarantee you.