2006 Season Preview II

The 2006 “Bigtime Softball” season is almost here. Kissimme, Florida is the site for the USSSA new Conference program. I for one believe this is the right move to take “Bigtime Softball” to the next level. The conference has eithteen teams entered for the inaugural season. There will be five Super teams and nine A teams. I think if eight or more of the fourteen play in eight or more of the fourteen NIT’s in this new conference, this program will work.
I hope that the good B teams and good C teams will play in these Major NIT’s. I think the B and C teams who are in driving distance of the Nit’s would make an effort to play. I believe that the good B and C teams who choose to play against the best teams and players in the world will help them down the road in their class. I also believe that these B and C players will get a chance to see what it takes to get to the next level. I know these teams can’t win, but the experience of playing against these teams will be a big help down the road.

I want to say that with most of the USSSA NIT’s played on 300′ fields with the homerun rules could be a battle every weekend. I still don’t believe the game at the upper level should be played on 300′ fields with homerun rules. I believe the best game is on baseball fields, using 80′ bases. Playing this way is the most competitive game played period. I know this, that when using homerun rules with the best hitters in the world having to cut down their swing, is not the way this game should be played, and using 70′ bases, the best infielders in the world have trouble making plays. It’s just not the way the game should be played. The best teams, players should play the game on baseball fields with unlimited homeruns, using 80′ bases period. Remember this is my own opinion, so please don’t go posting or blasting me.

The 2006 season looks like it will be very competitive. I still believe it will be very hard to beat the two giants, Resmondo and Bell Corp. These two teams still have the best talent, but there are about three more teams who are getting very close in talent, Stucco/Worth, Combat and AM Las Vegas. I think after these five teams I’ve mentioned above, there are about ten very good A teams who could beat each other on any given weekend. I also think there are about ten more A teams who will be competitive, but are a little short on talent. I’m looking forward to a great upcoming 2006 season. The NSA will have some A, AA NIT’s. The ASA is not having any qualifying tournaments. I believe the ISA may have some A NIT’s, I’m not sure. The USSSA will have some A tournaments. The WSL is having about eight to ten Class A NIT’s. I know there will be some very good A tournaments around the country in the WSL. For the dates to these NIT’s go on to TheOldScout.com and look at the tournament listings.

The 2006 Worlds Class A USSSA, NSA, ISA, ASA, WSL.

NSA Class AA
Super USSSA Conference Championship
USSSA Worlds
WSL World Championships
All teams from Super to Class A welcome

The Long Haul Bombers will be touring the Major League Stadiums throughout the summer. Get out to your hometown Major League parks and see the best homerun hitters in softball in Big League stadiums.