2006 Texas Legends NIT

Resmondo – KME Softball rolled through the third USSSA Conference Tournament going 5-0 on route to the Championship. “The Sod Boys” beat the #1 team, Bell Corp. coming into this one two times. The amazing thing about winning this one was they did it without Dal Beggs and Howie Krause, who were home with other commitments, then lost Brian King to a groin injury and Andy Purcell pitched with a very bad back. Andy will have surgery on his back Tuesday leaving him out for at least two months. I know the sod boys will be looking to pick up a pitcher and an infielder this week. Injuries are a part of the game and Resmondo will have to find a way to win without the best pitcher in the game. This win was a total team effort quoted manager Jeff Wallace. Everybody pulled together and we got it done. Wallace said with the loss of Andy and Brian the other guys will have to pick it up, and we should be alright. Congratulations and good luck in your next one.

Second place went to Bell Corp/Taylor Bros./Belcher/Easton, who just did not play very good in this one. “The Chimers” who got off to a good start in Florida on the baseball fields, did not get it done on the 300′ fields. I still believe they are a much better team on 300′ fields than on baseball fields. I know this, it’s going to be a long season for the two giants Resmondo and Bell in this new conference play on the 300′ fields. There will be one more NIT played on baseball fields and that will be in Kansas. The Smoky has one field at 320′, 350′. The rest of the NIT’s will be on 300′ fields. I think the Bell boys just had a bad weekend and will bounce back in their next one, we will see.

Third place went to Jean Shoppe/Worth, who came out this weekend ready to play. I know when this bunch drops down and plays in a lower class tournament they have a lot of trouble. This team has a lot of talent and can upset some of the better teams if they don’t play up to their standards. I’m getting pretty sick of people coming on the board who don’t have a clue about this team, bashing and quoting things that aren’t true. I’ve been removing some of the posts and I will BAN ANYBODY that bashes this team anymore. Great job boys, and stay away from the lower tournaments, they don’t help you.

Fourth place went to KME/Chaney’s/Pytch Blak/Easton, who I didn’t put in the Top 15 because I didn’t get their roster. I know that this is a very good A team. I’m glad to see them playing, and they sure show that they can play with anybody. I hope to see this team make it to the big one in Mickey Mouse world. This team has a lot of good ball players and can play with any of the A teams in the country, I guarantee you. Good job boys!

I would like to say another great job by the USSSA staff on running this NIT in Euless, Texas. I am sure it will be bigger and better in 2007. This is definitely a great place to hold a bigtime NIT. I also want to thank Jim McCarren for his excellent work in posting all the scores and highlights for all USSSA NIT’s and their A & Super Worlds. Thanks again Jim. I know everybody appreciates it.