2006 Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred NSA AA, A NIT was played in Lexington, Kentucky. Specialty Tank/Creative Stucco/Worth finally put it all together and won one. The Worth boys had to do it the hard way, by coming out of the loser’s bracket to get the win. This tournament had a very good field of teams, that’s for sure. The Thoroughbred has become one of the top NIT’s in softball since the NSA has taken over. The NSA staff has done a great job in making this one of the best. The “Tank Boys” needed to play one without the two giants entered, Resmondo & Bell. I said earlier when this bunch gets it together they will be a force in the conference, we will see. The “Tank Boys” base hit it, hit for power and played very good defense on route to the championship. I think maybe they’re on their way now. Second place went to a B team, Spitz/TPS who I was told played very well. It’s sure nice to see good B & C teams play in these very good NIT’s to see what it takes to play at the next level. Great job guys and good luck in your class the rest of the season. Third place went to ABS/Team LTP/Easton, who is a very good B team. Like I said earlier I’m glad to see these good teams play, and I hope to see more of these B & C teams come out and play in others. I know it must of been a thrill to finish 2nd. and 3rd. place with these two B teams in this one. Fourth place went to B&C/Miken, who is a good B team. I sure like to see teams like you guys play these good NIT’s. Good luck guys the rest of the way.

I want to congratulate the NSA staff on a great job putting this one together. I also want to thank Jim for posting the scores all weekend. This week’s NIT’s are The Davis Memorial in Concorde, California and The Music Fest in Nashville, Tenn. Good luck to all the teams.