2006 USSSA A Worlds

Northwest Pipe/Bud Light 3N2/Easton wins this USSSA Class A World. “The Pipe Boys” did it the hard way by battling the heat and a very good Jean Shoppe/Worth team. I know 17 of the best A teams in the country played in the best Class A World. I believe the two best A teams in 2006 made it to the finals. I can also tell you there were 15 other very good A teams who could of won this World. I believe with the teams very close and the USSSA using a 8 homerun rule, plus a very hot ball makes this tournament the most competitive of all the worlds. I say if you’re going to play on 300′ fields, using a very good ball with the 8 homerun rule is the way to play the game. The only thing that needs to be changed is the bases. They need to be 80′ making it more competitive, just my opinion. The “Pipe Boys” have proven to be the best A team in 2006. Larry Q has finally won the A Worlds, and I believe he deserved this Championship. Larry is a first class guy who has given a lot to bigtime softball over the years. I think Larry did the right thing in this one, bringing extra players and giving some of the starters a break in these hot and humid conditions. I think the difference in this one was that Northwest has much more experience than Jean Shoppe. Congratulations to Larry and the entire Northwest Pipe/Bud Light/3N2/Easton family on winning the very best USSSA Class A World. I want to wish Larry and the boys good luck in the Conference Championship and the USSSA Major.

Jean Shoppe/Mayhem/Worth gets the runner-up spot in this one. “The Shoppe Boys” played very good all through this USSSA Worlds. Shoppe just came up a little short, but make no mistake this is one very good A team. I’m here to tell you this is a young team who needs to get a little more experience. I believe the team may need two more good players to get to the top. This is a well-coached team who hits it good and plays very good defense. I hear a lot of people around the park talking about Mooch’s pitching and his antics. I will tell you this he uses a lot of antics, but he still throws strikes and that is what he’s supposed to do. I’ve seen a lot of pitchers over the years do the same thing, but couldn’t throw strikes. Good job Mooch! Remember this, Shoppe won the NSA Class A and now will set sail to win the ASA Worlds, we will see. Congratulations on a great job in this one and good luck the rest of the way.

Third place went to Watanabe/Worth, who played very good in this one. This is a veteran team who have some people who have won this tournament before. I want to congratulate Dave and his team on doing a great job in this tough USSSA A Worlds. Good luck the rest of the way.

Fourth place goes to Aubrey’s/Worth. I thought that this team might get it done in this one, but just didn’t have enough. Rocky and his boys played pretty good, but came up short. Congratulations and good luck down the road.

Congratulations to Don D. and his whole USSSA staff on another great USSSA Class A Worlds. I want to commend Don on running this A World using an 8 homerun rule and a hot ball. It sure has made this Class A Worlds so much more competitive. Thanks Jim for keeping all the people informed on what went on at Disney. I’m looking forward to the Conference Championship and the showcase of softball, the USSSA Worlds.