ASA Spring Classic

The Spring Classic was played in beautiful Maryville, TN this past weekend, but mother nature played a big roll in this one. I was told the rain started Friday and continued throughout most of the weekend. Chris Clark did everything in his power to get this one in, and he did just that. McNair Sports/New/TPS got the win, as they proved worthy of being ranked in the Top 15. I will say this, when Roger New has anything to do with a team, he will find a way to win. Roger is a two time ASA Major World Champion. He knows how to get it done. Veteran Vern Hensley has been a big part of Roger’s teams forever, and was named the tournament’s MVP. Vern continues to hit the hell out of it. I’m not sure how old Vern is, but he’s got to be pushing up there. I believe that this team will be a contender in ASA tournaments all season long. Second place went to another good A team, Alpine/Watanabe/TPS. This is another Top 15 team in 2005. This bunch has some very good A players, who have been playing for a long time and know how to win. The surprise of the weekend was that the favorite to win this weekend was AM Las Vegas/Benfield/Belcher/Shade/Easton, but they did not get it done. I have to tell you that this is one very talented team who will definitely be there at the end. Getting beat is going to happen on any given weekend, period. The competition throughout the Top 15 A teams is very close this year. I expect that anyone of the ten could win a tournament on any given weekend. The “Vegas Boys” got third in this one. Fourth place went to another one of those good A teams, Team Stucco/TPS. I believe it will take a couple of more tournaments for this bunch to get it going, they will win one. Great job Chris, we know it’s not easy when the weather’s bad and you have to contend with it all.