ASA Spring Open Maryville, TN

L&L Painting/TPS rolled through this tournament by defeating Reece’s/Roosters/Easton inthe championship game. There’s no question how good L&L Painting really is as a team. They can play with any of the AA teams and be very competitive. They have won everything they have played in so far this season. I’m sure they will get a test at the Twitty this coming weekend when they step up with the likes of Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton and Long Haul/Taylor Bros/Shen Corp/TPS. Congratulations to L&L Painting for winning this tournament. Reece’s/Roosters/Easton another fine AA team finised 2nd. in this event. Third place went to New Construction, another good AA team. Fourth place went to Lighthouse Baptist.

MVP: Dewayne Frizzel from L&L Painting/TPS