ASA Super College Station, TX

Winzer/Aftershock/Easton finally put it together and rolled through this big Texas Tournament. The Winzer boys, who had trouble in their first two tournaments finally clicked on all cylinders on their way to the Championship. In my early season rankings I figured this team to be right up they’re in the top 5 or 6 teams, and maybe now they’re on their way. There’s no question that they have some talented players, and sometimes with new teams it takes awhile to get it going, and it looks like they did that this weekend. It was quite a feat that the former running rebel basketball player from Las Vegas, Derrick Williams put on in the Championship game going 9-9 with 9 dingers. That my friends is” Big Time”, no matter where you do it. Derrick was named MVP, and also led the tournament with 25 homeruns. Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton came in 2nd. In this explosive offensive tournament. Scott King, who also had an excellent tournament with 24 homeruns, led Budweiser. Obviously a bunch of others had excellent offensive tournaments, along with Tim Cocco who was named Defensive player of the tournament. Finishing in third place was Medic-Aide, another one of those good Texas teams, who by the way have some good players that not many people know about. Getting the fourth spot was another Texas team, the Houston Merchants, another decent A team from Texas. There’s no question that the state of Texas has some very good teams and players, that’s for sure. I’m not going to take anything away from any of the teams who participated in this tournament. Greg did a very good job of getting all these teams entered into this tournament. I congratulate Winzer/Aftershock for winning this 22-team tournament, and the rest of the teams for their efforts. As a reporter I have to say as I always do, that this tournament turned out to be an offensive homerun derby because of the 300′ fields and the hard rock balls. I understand that these tournaments have to be played under these conditions that do no justice for the game. These high scoring, 3 hour games are not the answer and certainly do not prove the talent this game really has when being played on baseball fields with 80′ or 90′ bases. I don’t blame Greg, who by the way did a terrific job putting this on, and also did a great job reporting the tournament so that I could keep up with the updates. Hopefully next year Greg will take a look at holding this great tournament on baseball fields and make a better situation for all the teams to compete.

Defensive Player: Tim Cocco

Offensive Player: Derrick Williams

Homerun Champ: Derrick Williams (25)

MVP: Derrick Williams