ASA Super Lexington, KY

Pov’s/Walser Chevy/Reebok/TPS decided very late to enter this tournament
knowing two or three of their starting players could not attend this
tournament, but off they went and it was well worth it as they captured the
Championship and a berth to the ASA Worlds in Sanford, Florida in September.
Pov’s rolled through this tournament undefeated with their win over
Reece’s/Rooster/Easton, which gave them the title.  There’s no question about
it that Pov’s is a very strong team.  Pov’s was led by “Big Time Player”, MVP
choice Todd Volkers, who continues to be one of the best players in the
country.  Not only does Todd do it every weekend, he also is a tremendous
leader that any team would be proud of.  Also, everybody else on this great
ball team contributes to the high ranking of this ball team.  When we talk
about the three Super teams, you can add Pov’s and Budweiser who are not far
behind.  Both of these teams are very very good.  Finishing in 2nd. place was
Reece’s/Rooster/Easton, who seem to be up and down most of this season.
There’s no question that they have some quality players, but they just can’t
seem to get it together week in and week out. but who knows maybe down the
stretch.  Third place went to New Construction, who is another one of those
teams who has some good talent, but have yet to get it together week in and
week out.  The 4th spot goes to Mercers/K&G/TPS, who has played well most of
the season, but also seems to fall off a little bit some weekends. I would
like to commend Raymond and Dawn for getting this tournament off, and as
usual Raymond always does a great job running his tournaments.  I would hope
that Pov’s would accept this berth, not only in this association, but in all
the associations because I totally believe that one of the top 5 teams in the
nation should be playing in all four Super World tournaments.  It would be a
shame if they didn’t.

MVP – Todd Volkers, Pov’s

HR – Todd Volkers, Pov’s (w/15)

Gold Glove – Tony Henry, New Construction

All Tournament

Scott Kirk, Pov’s
Gene Burdick, Pov’s
Dan Yocum, Pov’s
Scott Brown, Pov’s
Brian May, Reece
Chile Chilton, Reece
David Crawley, Reece
David Barnes, New
Rod Hughes, New
Rodney Falls, New
Monty McCory, Mercer
Kenny Slagle, Mercer