ASA Super Little Rock, AR

Resmondo/Hague/Taylor Bros/Sunbelt/Miken rolled through this ASA Super in a big way! The Miken boys played a total of 18 innings on route to the championship. When this team gets to swing their Miken bats they are very hard to beat. Taking nothing away from other bats that are used by other teams in this tournament. The Resmondo squad were hitting it and scoring a lot of runs all weekend long. MVP JC Phelps was tearing it up again. Resmondo might be just getting tuned up for the Mighty Smoky’s in which they will also be swinging their Miken bats. It should be interesting. The second place team in this event who were also swinging Miken’s was US Vinyl who has played extremely well in unlimited home run tournaments. The Miken boys who have won four tournaments using their bat also played well in last weeks Limited home run tournament. This team has improved each time they go to play, Ray and Steve have made the changes to both help on the defensive side and the offensive side. John McGraw who was released after this tournament was picked up by US Vinyl and should shore up their outfield problems and give them just what they needed a left fielder and another power hitter. This team will be a force in the Super Worlds I guarantee it. They may win one and probably knock someone out in the tournament. The Hague team looks like they are coming together and were just a little short at the Dudley, watch out for this bunch, especially when they use the Miken Ultra II. We will see this weekend at the Smoky’s. Third place went to Backman/Dan Smith/Menosse/Easton who struggled on the offense this week but make no mistake it won’t happen to often. The battle between Backman and Resmondo is beginning to heat up and should continue this weekend at the mighty Smoky. Their will be no time to rest for any of the top team in the country as they will all be battling for the top spot this weekend. Fourth place went to another one of those teams, the boys of the Budweiser/Sunnyvale/Fairweather/Worth, who when they step on the field you’d better be ready to play or you will find yourself in the losers bracket. This bunch has a lot of talent and Greg and his partners are always trying to improve their team. I look for this bunch to be a force at the Smoky again like last year when they were the runner ups. I would have liked to have been at the Little Rock tournament this year but of course I was in Canada but I am told that it was a great weekend and that as always Clint and his wife were great host again for the awesome 4th of July tournament. I was also told that the lower division was a great success and the teams had a great time. I have said in the past both the PIF and the Little Rock are great events and their are enough for both teams to be successful.