ASA Super NIT Little Rock, AR

The temperatures were hot, like 100 degrees and so was Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton as they swept through this tournament to the Championship. That makes it four wins this season for the Dan Smith team.. Dan Smith was led by Brett Helmer, MVP of the tournament and Greg Harding who was very close to being the MVP, and the rest of the Dan Smith ball club who played very well. Dan Smith played this weekend without the services of Jeff Hall, who did not make the trip to Little Rock. I talked to Pat Dalsanders who told me “they played very good this weekend and that Ed Rosato played left field for the Smith Boys the whole weekend and he played very well”. Pat also stated ” that we needed to get things back on track and be ready for the Smokey’s this coming weekend”. Finishing in 2nd. place was Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton who have played well all season long. Budweiser got a good effort from their new player Jimmy DeVine who had a great weekend. Budweiser lost one of their top players Scott King from heat exhaustion, who was taken to a local hospital and kept overnight. The Dr. stated that “Scott was so dehydrated that he almost had kidney failure” and that it could of been very serious. Thankfully everything turned out alright and Scott will be at the Smokey’s. Getting the third place spot was a very good team from Texas, Quick/Advanced Roofing/Nike who beat the Bud boys early on, and lost a tough game to Budweiser 30-29. Make no mistake about it this Quick team is a very strong A team that will be tough to beat in the Nationals. Fourth Place went to a pretty much unknown team I believe from the Arkansas area called Chief Transport/Worth. They also played very strong and gave it a good run throughout the tournament. I want to commend Clint Albright on another great job running this Big Event he puts on in Little Rock every year. Remember it’s not just the Super Division, but all divisions of over 100 teams involved that takes a lot of planning and hard work to put together such an immense event.

1. Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Easton
2. Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Master Graphics/Easton
3. Quick/Advanced Roofing/Nike
4. Chief Transport/Worth

MVP: Brett Helmer (That was the only award they had)