ASA Super Sioux City, IA

Rural America was the setting for this ASA/WSL softball tournament in Sioux City, Iowa, and I’m here to tell you it was a perfect place to host a tournament. The baseball stadium that Doc Barr secured to play this great event in is just what “Big Time” softball is all
about. There is no way that good softball players who can play this game wouldn’t want to play in these conditions. The park was very big 335′,390′, 410′, and they used a very good ball with the wind was blowing in a little, which kept the ball from flying out
consistently. The teams who played were very good A teams. Doc’s/Easton, Pov’s/TPS, Ts’13, VIC/Mizuno were the four teams who participated in this Round Robin double elimination tournament. Doc’s/Easton came up the winner in this one, as Doc’s Wayne Busby and Craig Upton led the offensive attack. This was a pretty good team effort for the Doc’s boys rolling through this event on route to the championship.Second place went to Pov’s/TPS who battled all weekend long, they came up a little bit short in the Championship game. Geno Burdick led the tournament in homerun with six. “Big” Wes Campbell just wore it out as he showed why he is one of the best hitters in big time softball. Wes hit a monster homerun to the opposite field over the 390′ mark that easily went at least 430′. You might ask why teams were only scoring 1 or 2 runs a game sometimes? Well I can tell you that sometimes the A players get caught up in wanting to hit homeruns on these big fields, and that my friends is not going to happen. When teams play on fields this big with 90′ bases there are not going to be a lot of homeruns here, even by the best homerun hitters in the world. All I can say is good base hitters have to use the whole field, that is what Doc’s did, and that is why they won the Championship. VIC/Mizuno from Illinois is a nice A/B type team who will compete very well at their level, this team represents what softball should be. This team doesn’t have a big budget, they come to play and like this weekend, they drove 8 hours each way to compete in this ASA/WSL event.What that tells me is that these players want to play the game and don’t careabout how much money or what it takes to get to a tournament, they are determined to play the game. They are a nice bunch of guys. Good luck the rest of the season. Fourth place went to T’13 who also had a very good A/B type team who can compete with a lot of goodA teams in the country. It was nice to see you guys competing at this tournament. Good luck to you guys also. The class D, C, B, and Women’s Division was a great tournament. Rhonda’s Speak Easy Bar and Restaurant hosted this ASA/WSL event. Rhonda has run this tournament for some years in Sioux City, Iowa. I found Rhonda to be one hell of a nice woman, who worked herself to a frazzle running this event. I’d like to take the time to say thank you to Rhonda and the staff at the ball park for some of the nicest people I have met in the game of softball, and hopefully we can get it all together again in 2004 in Sioux City, Iowa. To all the teams who participated in this Sioux City, Iowa Tournament at all levels. The ASA and the WSL want to thank you for coming to this great tournament. In the open division the MVP was Greg Jones who played great defense and hit it very well all weekend for the Doc’s club. This young man can play center field with the best of them. All I can say is a lot of players like Greg are beginning to fill the rosters of big time softball teams. Players like Jamal Herrin, Brian Rainwater, and Bobby Hughes are making up the outfields of “Big Time” softball today, and believe me they can go get ’em, all of them. Once again, great job Rhonda and Doc for running this event.