Busch/Pepsi Classic

The Resmondo Express just keeps rolling through the Conference NIT’s. The “Sod Boys” now have run their 2007 record to 33-1, 27 by run-rule. This powerful team is on route to possibly becoming the winningest team in NIT play in the history of the game for one season. Resmondo has three NIT’s left, the Conference Championship and the USSSA Worlds remaining on their schedule. The “Sod Boys” conceivably if they go undefeated the rest of the way, would finish with a record of 54-1 for the year, we will see. Resmondo completed this NIT by beating Jean Shoppe/Worth in the finals. Resmondo was led by Co-MVP’s Andy Purcell and Jeff Wallace, but this was as usual a total team effort. The “Sod Boys” continue to score a lot of runs without using a lot of homeruns. That is how you can be 33-1 in homerun restricted tournaments. I know this, when Resmondo plays the better A teams like Shoppe, KME, Aubrey’s, the Scene and other good Class A teams they have to play with a 12 homerun limit. That means they have to hit it backside and use the whole field to win, and they do just that. The biggest part of their team winning is their defense. It is the best in the game, along with the best pitcher. The ‘Sod Boys” also have the best over-all hitting team in the game. Congratulations on winning Little Rock and good luck at the Smoky.

Second place went to Jean Shoppe/Worth. This team has been playing great ball all season long and have given everybody a tough game. This bunch can flat-out play the game. They base hit it, hit for power and play great D. This team also has the second best pitcher in the game. I will tell you nobody works harder than Mooch. This kid has a lot of skills and never gives up. Mooch has made this team a contender, no doubt about it. I lobbyed this kid three years ago and he has proven me right. I will take nothing away from Scooter, but this kid is a lot younger and more athletic. This kid will be the best when Purcell is done. The Shoppe has beat Bell Corp two times this season and they have gave Resmondo all they wanted before losing 21-17 in the finals this week. Make no mistake, this team is the team to beat in the Class A Worlds in 2007. Congratulations on a great weekend and good luck at the Smoky.

Third place went to Bell Corp, who just continues to struggle against Resmondo. The “Bell Boys” will need to find a pitcher and a shortstop if they want to beat Resmondo, it’s that simple. Rulli can play short, but then they need somebody over the middle. The key for them to beat Resmondo is to figure out how to hit Purcell, period. The Bell team seems to hit it pretty good against the lesser teams, but sure struggle against Resmondo, Combat and Shoppe. I believe Hall will help them, but they will need a lot more than Hall to win. I know they are looking for a pitcher who can get the job done. The problem is there’s not many to get at this time of the year. Hopefully Scooter will come back and solve that problem. Good luck at the Smoky.

Fourth place goes to Xtreme/Worth, who for the second week in a row played extremely well. This team is coming on and look to me like they will be a team to reckon with in the Class A Worlds. Congratulations on another great weekend, and good luck at the Smoky.

I want to commend Clint and his wife on another great job running the Busch/Pepsi Classic in Little Rock. I also want to thank Jim for doing another great job posting scores. Next week is the Granddaddy of all the NIT’s, The Smoky Mountain Classic in Maryville, TN. Good luck to all the teams.