Cincinnati Major NIT

Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth wins its 8th Conference NIT of the season. The sod boys had to do it the hard way by winning the “if” game to win this one. Jeans Shoppe/Easton gave Resmondo all it wanted and more. Resmondo did the Houdini act and escaped with an 8th inning one run win 36-35. Jean Shoppe/Easton beat the #1 team in the land in the first game of the finals and forced the “if” game. Shoppe was leading 35-31, Resmondo coming to bat in the bottom of the 7th. tied it 35-35. Shoppe came to bat in the top of the 8th., did not mark. Resmondo got one in the bottom of the 8th, tournament over.

I cannot believe that some idiot got on my board and bashed Shoppe. I will take care of that. I’m here to tell you that Shoppe is and has been one of the best class A teams the last five yeas. Shoppe’s sponsor is one of the best to ever be in the game. Greg is a first class act and his manager Larry Q. is also, along with it’s players. This weekend they showed what they’re made of and came up just a little short in becoming the only Class A team to win a Conference NIT with one of the super teams entered. Congratulations to the Shoppe boys on a great weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

Resmondo has secured the #1 spot in the Conference Championship and the USSSA Worlds for 2008. Resmondo has once again proven to be a great team in 2008. I also can tell you all that this might be the last hurrah for Travis as a super team sponsor. I believe that Travis will come back with a Class A team in 2009. I don’t blame Travis for getting out of the super team deal. He has spent more money than any sponsor ever has. Travis is pretty much done it by himself over the years, and most of the other teams have had three or more sponsors with them. I remember back about ten years ago, a guy told me that Travis won’t last a year. I think that’s gone by the way. I told Travis you have nothing else to prove or gain in bigtime softball. You have won everything there is to win. I guarantee no sponsor has given more of an effort than Travis Resmondo. Congratulations on winning the Cincinnati tournament and good luck in Michigan.

Blitz/Watanabe finished in third place in this one, and showed it could play with the better Class A teams. This bunch played extremely well this weekend and got what it deserved, a good finish. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck in the B worlds.

GTL/Creative Stucco/Worth, who moved up ahead of Jean Shoppe in my rankings last week, didn’t get it done this weekend, but managed to get fourth place. This team needs to win the games it’s supposed to and lose to the teams it’s supposed to. Make no mistake this is a very good Class A team, but can’t continue to lose to teams it should not, bottom line. Good luck down the road..

Congratulations to Jim Wessel and his staff on putting together and running the biggest Conference USSSA NIT of the season. I know for sure, Jim and his staff worked their butts off on this tournament and they should be commended for the job they do for the USSSA Conference. Great job Jim!