Columbus Major NIT

Resmondo wins again making it 3 out of 3 for the 2007 season. “The Sod Boys” had to win this one the hard way, by coming out of the loser’s bracket and double dipping Jean Shoppe/Worth. I said in an earlier report that I thought Resmondo might lose four or five games this season, or maybe less. “The Sod Boys” lost their first game of the season in the winner’s bracket final. Resmondo came charging back through the loser’s bracket and got to the first game of the finals run ruling the “Shoppe Boys”. The championship of this NIT was going to be decided in the “if” game. “The Sod Boys” had to work very hard to win this one. Jean Shoppe led 25-21 going into the bottom of the 7th. Resmondo went to work and scored 5 to get the win. Jason Kendrick hit a walk off homerun for the win. Resmondo was led by MVP Jeff Wallace and the rest of this high powered team. Resmondo is off to a 17-1 record in three NIT’s played this season. “The Sod Boys” next tournament will be in Houston, Texas and that will give another team a chance to win a conference tournament. Congratulations on your win and good luck down the road.

Second place went to Jean Shoppe/Worth. “The Shoppe Boys” gave it a great effort in this one, but just came up a little short in the “if” game. I’m here to tell you this has been one of the very good teams the last few years. I believe this is the best team they have ever put together. I know this, they will be a full force in the Class A Worlds, I guarantee you. This team has a lot of talent who can flat out play the game. They can hit it and they can catch it. “The Shoppe Boys” gave the best team in the land right now, Resmondo all they wanted in this one that’s for sure. Congratulations to Greg, Ed, Larry and all the players on playing a great tournament. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys down the road.

Third place went to Spitz Seeds/Mizuno, who is another one of those very good teams caught between a very good B team or a lower class A team. I know this, you better play well when you play these type of teams, or they will beat you. This team was good last year, and maybe a little better in 2007. Congratulations on a great weekend, and good luck the rest of the season.

Fourth place went to Steve’s Drywall, who is another one of those teams caught in the A, B situation. I have said there are about 10-15 of these type of teams who are caught in the A/B situation. I like these teams because they compete and give all they got in these major tournaments. Congratulations on a great weekend and good luck down the road. I would like to commend Charlie on a great job putting this NIT together. I know you did your homework getting this many teams in your NIT, great job! Congratulations to all the teams who played in this one.