Columbus NIT

Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth, the team I called too old, now has reeled off three consecutive Conference NIT’s. I know this, they may be getting old but they’re running over every team in their path in the last three tournaments. The sod boys are winning and the offense is coming from everybody. Resmondo moved Greg Connell into right field and that has made a big difference. BJ Fulk is hitting the hell out of it, because he doesn’t have to run the outfield anymore and he has his legs now. Brian King is getting more playing time and that shores up the middle of the infield. I believe these three moves has made Resmondo a much better team now. Resmondo run-ruled just about everybody this weekend, including Long Haul/Phonemasters/Miken, who were without Hall, Phelps & Buck. I’m not making any excuses for Long Haul, but when you take out three great hitters on any team it’s not the same. Congratulations to Resmondo on another great weekend and good luck on your next one.

Long Haul/Phonemasters/Miken got the runner-up spot in this one. The truckers just could not muster up enough offense without the three big boys and didn’t get it done. Make no mistake this team is capable of playing with both Resmondo & Smith and will when everybody is there. I know this, it’s pretty simple; take three of your better players out of your lineup and any team will struggle. This weekend the rest of the Long Haul boys didn’t hit it like they should of and that is why they struggled. Congratulations on a good weekend and good luck in your next one.

Blitz/Watanabe, who finished in third place, played extremely well in this one. This bunch beat Long Haul and others on route to the third place finish. I can tell you all that when Dave Watanabe is involved it will be a competitive team. This bunch have some players who can play and they know how to win. Congratulations on a great weekend and I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this team in 2009.

Fourth place went to Line Drive/Tripless. This B team gave all it had in this one and got a good finish. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

I would like to congratulate the Columbus, Indiana USSSA staff on getting a very good turnout for this NIT, and wish them good luck in the future.