Combat NIT

Dan Smith/Menosse/Benfield/Team Combat wins this NIT way out in Kent, Washington. The Smith boys have put it all together the last few weekends and now are setting sail for the great Smoky Mountain Classic and show the country they are the best team in the world in 2008. This NIT was a little short on competition, but did have a couple of very good teams. The Conference USSSA does not get too many teams to play during the season from the western part f the country. This Kent tournament brought in a couple of very good California teams, who the eastern teams don’t get to see or play against very often. There are some very talented players that make their homes in the western part of the United States. Make no mistake, a lot of these guys could play on much better teams, I guarantee you. Congratulations to Dan and his gang on winning this one, and good luck at the great Smoky Mountain Classic this coming weekend, where they’ll most likely meet up with Resmondo for another big battle of the two best.

Classic Glass/Easton, one of those western teams who are a very good team finished second in this one ahead of teams like GTL and others. The Glass boys have been a very good team for a few years and definitely have a class act sponsor who has taken care of this bunch very well. This is a typical California team who are better than the class they play in that’s for sure. Congratulations on a great weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

WCS/LCV has played very well in these Conference NIT’s this season taking third place in this one. This team can compete with any of the good Class A&B teams, that’s for sure. They have a lot of talented players who can play with a lot of better teams in the country, I know that for sure. Congratulations on your great weekend and good luck down the road.

Fourth place went to Combat USA/Elite/Pytch Blakk. This is another one of these teams who have been competing very well against the better A & B teams all season long. Congratulations on a good weekend, and good luck the rest of the way.

I would like to congratulate Coop and his staff on putting on a good tournament out there in Kent, and good luck to you guys in the future.