Competitive Edge with a W!!!

Competitive Edge went down to Louisiana and started the year off with an impressive run where they weren’t really tested until the championship game against Dirty Vegas.

CE beat DV 10-8 in the King Seat game. Then DV beat CE 23-19 in the first championship game then CE beat DV 29-28 in the IF game to take home the first meaningful tournament win of 2023 and setting them up for the opener in two weeks in Las Vegas, NV!!

What an incredible way to play those three games between Competitive Edge and Dirty Vegas!!! Three games decided by a total of seven runs is very impressive!!

CE made a splash by signing Bubba Mack this off-season and he won the biggest HR Derby of the year at the Tripp Roth this weekend.

The Mojo is up this weekend and as soon as brackets are posted, we will share them here so check back daily!!

Congrats to all the division winners at Tripp Roth!!!