Conference NIT Joliet, IL

The Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth Express is on a roll and nobody seems to be able to stop this runaway train. The sod boys have won six in a row in conference play. Resmondo went undefeated again to win this midwest conference NIT in Joliet, Illinois. This bunch just keeps hitting it and catching it and does not give up very many runs. I guess I may have hit a nerve when I said after their NIT’s in Florida that they were too old and that some of the players could not get it done anymore. I guess I have to eat crow for saying that. The sod boys have won everything in sight since I called them too old, ha. I can tell you all this, the Resmondo sponsored team has won more games in the last seven years than any team in the history of the game in a seven year stretch. Resmondo’s win, loss record over the last seven years is unbelievable. Their winning percentage is like 950. I didn’t check all the numbers, but I believe that their record is about 350 wins and 50 losses in the seven year span. It doesn’t get any better than that. I might be off a little, but not much on these numbers. I know this for sure, no team has had a run this long like Resmondo, some had a three or four year run, but not like this. Congratulations on your win in Illinois and good luck at the Mighty Dudley this coming week.

Dan Smith/Menosse/Combat got the runner-up spot in this one. The Smith boys just are not getting it done in the last few tournaments. I believe the big problem is some of their best hitters are not hitting well and definitely not hitting it when it counts. You can’t win when you don’t score. The Smith team has had a lot of chances to win in the late innings, but just come up short in the 7th. I can’t believe this will continue the rest of the season, we will see. I know in the past the Smith teams have come up big in the Dudley and the Smoky. Let’s see what happens this year. Congratulations on your weekend, and good luck at the Mighty Dudley.

GTL Cartel/Stucco/Worth finally put a good weekend together and finished in third place. I knew all along that this was a much better team than they have shown. I believe if they continue to play like they played this past weekend they will be right up there with the best of the Class A teams. Congratulations on your weekend and keep it going at the Dudley.

PRI/MFAB/Insanity finished in fourth place in this one. I don’t really know a whole bunch about this team, but was told they played pretty well this past weekend. I do know this is a Class B team. Congratulations on your great weekend, and good luck down the road.

I would like to congratulate the Illinois USSSA staff on a very good NIT. I know you guys worked very hard on putting this one together. I believe this was one of the best field of teams in any conference NIT in 2009 so far. Great job guys!