Glen Burnie, MD Major NIT

Glen, Burnie, Maryland was the setting of the third conference NIT of 2008. Dan Smith/Menossee/Benfield/Team Combat, the only super team entered, won rolling through this 29 team field of teams. The #4 ranked team in the country Jean Shoppe/Team Easton battled back through the losers bracket to get the runner up spot. Jean Shoppe lost early in the tournament, but showed why they hold down the #4th spot in the nation. Angle Inn/Easton/Elite finished in third place in this one. This is a pretty good team who showed they can compete with some of the better A teams. ABS/Easton looks like they will be knocking on the door again in 2008 for another Class A title. This is a veteran bunch of players who know how to get it done. Congratulations to Dan Smith on winning this one, and good luck in your next one.

Congratulations to Jean Shoppe, who is off to a great start in 2008. The Shoppe boys won in Arizona in the first NIT of the season and got the runner up spot in Glen Burnie. Congratulations to Angle Inn for a fine third place finish in their first NIT of the season. Great job boys and good luck down the road. Congratulations to ABS/Easton on a very good first tournament. Keep up the good play and I’ll you down the road. Congratulations to all the rest of the teams that participated in Glen Burnie. I also would like to say another great job by Bob Holland on putting on this great NIT. I have had some very bad computer problems, but I’m getting back up and I will keep up with the Bigtime Softball report. I hope that the guy who wrote the great story on the Kissimmee NIT will continue to write more on the major NIT’s.

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