Glen Burnie, MD USSSA Major NIT

The third Conference NIT of 2009 was played in Glen Burnie, Maryland this past weekend. Jean Shoppe/Chaney/Easton won this one. The Shoppe boys who did not participate in the two NIT’s played in Florida had to do it the hard way by coming back through the loser’s bracket to get the win. Shoppe lost a game early, but stormed back to double dip Taylor Made/Mizuno. I can tell you all the top three teams in this one came in just how they should have, Shoppe, Taylor Made and Bud Light. Diamond Blade/Angle/Easton finished in fourth place. The Shoppe team has a whole new ballclub in 2009. Shoppe lost some of the best players they had in 2008. I’m here to tell you Larry, Greg and Chaney have put together another terrific team that will contend for the Class A Championship again. This year’s addition of the Shoppe team has got one of the game’s best overall hitters in Hank Garris and Kyle Cowart, one of the game’s best outfielders.

I know looking at this year’s Class A division that there are about seven very competitive teams. I believe there are about five more low A teams and five very good B teams in the conference. I also believe the 2009 conference winner will be decided between Smith, Long Haul and Resmondo. The Class A will be decided between Shoppe, GTL, Taylor Made/Titan/Pasi/Mizuno and Bud Light. Woodlaw, T&R Stucco and Johnny Blaze/Demarini/Elite will contend. Johnny Blaze and Woodlaw will be two of the top B teams in 2009.

Congratulations to Jean Shoppe/Chaney/Easton on a very good weekend and good luck in your next one. Taylor Made/Titan/Pasi/Mizuno got the runnerup in this one. Scotty’s boys are going to be in the running when the three big boys are not entered, and when they are entered they will have to settle for 4th or 5th place. Congratulations on a very good weekend and good luck in your next one.

Bud Light /TPS, Line Drive/Sports finished third in this one, and like Taylor Made and Shoppe, when the big boys are there they’ll have to settle for 4th, 5th or 6th place, and when not they’ll have a chance to win. I think this team will get much better as the season goes on. Congratulations and good luck down the road.

Diamond Blade/Angle/Easton finished fourth, and that is a very good finish for this club. They will struggle when the better Class A or super teams are entered, but can be pretty competitive if you don’t play well. Congratulations on a very good weekend and continued success the rest of the year.

Congratulations to Bob Holland on another very good NIT. You and your staff have done it right for years. I wish you continued success in the future.