Hague/Resmondo/Specialty Tank/TPS’s Mini Camp – Winter Haven, FL

I was invited to attend their camp this weekend, and it sure was an enjoyable worthwhile weekend. Travis, Jeff and the rest of the sponsors brought down all the players for a little mini-camp and a chance for all the players to bond, not only in practice, but also socially.

First of all, I would like to say that all of the players came to this camp in great physical condition. Everyone looked like they’ve put in a hard winter in the gym. They worked very hard in their work-outs this weekend, which consisted of a lot of BP. and a lot of infield work, both on 70′ bases and 90′ bases. They also worked out Sat. night at the beautiful Lake Wales High School baseball field. They did a lot of simulated BP with the defense set up for both 70′ & 90′ bases, it was very interesting. It looked to me like most of the boys had been swinging the bat, and some were hitting it extremely well. I’ll go on record now that this team will be a contender to win any given weekend. They will have a very strong offense, and will be as good as anybody on defense. Now for the social end of the weekend, let me tell you it was First Class all the way. On Friday night the team’s management and myself were treated to a dinner that was absolutely great. Saturday night Travis had a cookout barbecue that was catered at his 300 acre ranch for all the management, players and some friends of theirs. The menu consisted of 24 oz. Porterhouse’s and all the fixings from salads to all kind of fancy desserts. I can tell you that these kind of actions can bring friendships, camaraderie, which will help make this team come together. As you know this is a whole new team and they’ll have to all ban together to make this a successful team, and that is the impression I got as I was leaving them all yesterday. I want to especially thank Travis, Laurie, Jeff, and the whole Hague/Resmondo/Specialty Tank/TPS’s softball team for making it possible for me to attend and be a part of their weekend. Good Luck to all of you in the 2001 season, and a special thanks to my roommate, the Grand Old Man of softball, 86 yr. old Carl “Chickie” Selman.