Hall of Fame Dual

The most grueling dual in our sport is over and there were really no surprises in the outcomes this weekend.

On the women’s side, Lady SNI, La Famiglia, Classic Glass, Team 24, and Derby Girls were all in the mix. Khaos came out and had a good event – similar to when the came onto the scene last season at the same event.

SNI and La Famiglia both walked away with a win with Derby Girls and SNI taking second in the first and second dual respectively.

On the mens side of things, Resmondo and Monsta took home victories. MPT Rentals, Competitive Edge, JBL, and Bay Area Legends all made a whole bunch of noise again this weekend.

It seems as if the men’s side is going to have a bunch of teams who are vying for the win every weekend with at least six or seven who are able to sneak out a win just based on whoever is clicking a little better that weekend and whose bats come alive.

Next up is Texas Legends Dual.

As soon as the brackets are posted, we will share them here along with all the links for the live feeds!!