ISA AA World Series

Reece’s/Roosters/Easton are the ISA World Champions. The ISA have done it again, as they held the ISA AA World Series in Columbus, GA this past weekend. The best AA teams in the nation were all there. Reece’s/Roosters/Easton, out of Ohio started their season slow, but veteran manager Cobbie Harrison got this team rolling at the Smoky’s and it continued right into this tournament. I talked to Cobbie and he said, “with the addition of David Hood and getting veteran Steve Craven for the World Tournaments made a big difference in his team. He also told me that Jeff Lanning of Reece’s was hitting unbelievable and that “Big” Dennis Pierce was hitting better than he ever saw him hit. Cobb also told me this tournament was a war and they just happened to be playing very well to get the win.” I told Cobbie” I don’t recall a AA tournament with as many good teams in it in a very long time. I also told him that any one of the six or seven teams could have won and he agreed.” I don’t think any of the other AA Worlds will be as competitive as this one, because not all of the good teams will be entered in them. Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Team Travel/Easton, who no doubt are one of the best teams got the runner-up in this one, as they couldn’t muster enough in the Championship game to force an “if” game and had to settle for 2nd. Finishing in 3rd. place was a very good A team L&L Painting/TPS who scored a lot of runs in this tournament, but ran out of gas towards the end. Aftershock/Easton finished in 4th. place as this was their first tournament that they played in for a long time due to some changes in sponsors. Pov’s/TPS who was one of the favorites to win this, only managed to get a 5th. place finish. They used a .44 core highly compressed ball and that made for a long weekend with too much scoring and too many homeruns, but that’s another story. I was told that the tournament was run fairly well other than too long, as teams had to play into the wee hours of the night and had to come back early on Sunday. Obviously the ball park was just too small for the strong ball and great teams. Hopefully that’ll change in 2002. Congratulations to Reece’s/Roosters/Easton and to all the participating teams. Great job by all.
Most Valuable Player:
Jeff Lanning of Reece/Roosters/Easton
(He hit .696 with 9 HR)

Home Run Leader:
Dwayne Frizzell with 19, L&L Painting/TPS

Outstanding Defensive Player:
Chris Chilton, Reece/Roosters/Easton

All ISA AA World:
Brian Justice – Reece/Roosters
Dennis Pierce – Reece/Roosters
Judson Jackson – Budweiser
Brian Foster – Reece/Roosters
Jimmy Devine – Budweiser
Shane Dubose – Budweiser
Robin Ryan – Budweiser
Keith Brockman – Budweiser
Rusty Hoke, Budweiser
Brian Rainwater – L&L Painting
Dwayne Frizzell – L&L Painting
Scotty Summerland – L&L Painting