Joliet Major NIT

Dan Smith/Menosse/Team Combat wins this NIT by thumping Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth twice. The last time Resmondo lost an NIT was the Smoky last year to pretty much the same bunch of players, which was Bell Corp last year. Dan Smith came out and just flat-out hit the hell out of it and beat everybody that came along in this one. I had written in my first softball report of the year that I thought these two giants would be much closer this season, and sure enough it’s starting to look that way. The sod boys won the first few and now Dan Smith wins it’s first against Resmondo in 2008. The Smith boys put it all together this weekend to stop the Resmondo Express and gave Travis’s boys an old fashioned bigtime butt kicking and showed the sod boys they are out to end this long run of championships, we will see. Congratulations to Dan and his boys on a fabulous weekend and good luck at the mighty Dudley in two weeks. I can tell you all this, the #1 spot in the country will be up for grabs at the Dudley. It should be a great Minnesota NIT.

Resmondo got the runner up spot in this one as they just couldn’t stop Dan Smith this weekend. There are no excuses for this week’s losses, they just plain got the hell beat out of them. This is the first time that this Resmondo team has got beat up like this in a longtime. The big question will be is it over for Resmondo or was it just a bad weekend. We should find the answer to that at the mighty Dudley. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck at the Dudley.

Long Haul/Phone Masters/Miken finished in third place in this one, and that is just where they should of finished. I have said that this team is caught in a little trap. They are too good for the good Class A teams and not strong enough for Resmondo & Smith, but yet are the third best team in the nation. Congratulations on another great weekend and good luck at your home tournament, the mighty Dudley.

GTL/Creative Stucco/Worth finished in fourth place just where they are supposed to finish in this field of teams. This was the fourth best team entered in this NIT. This team has been a very good team all season long, that’s for sure. Congratulations on your play and good luck at the Dudley.

I would like to congratulate the people who ran this “Windy City NIT”. I’m sure it will only get better next year.