Long Haul/Taylor Bros./Shen Corp/TPS

I’m continuing my reports on the Super Teams for the 2001season.This week’s report is on Long Haul/Taylor Bros./Shen Corp/TPS, which is the former Team TPS team. For those of you who are not familiar with the changes made after the 2000 season in both sponsors and players, I will give you the run down. In my opinion in the three years that Team TPS was together there was no better softball team in the game. Over the three years they totally dominated in the NIT’s, and in the World Tournaments they won four of the twelve that they played in. As I have said before, in the baseball stadiums I don’t think anybody can dominate, it’s a different game. As for the changes for 2001, John Daniels from Long Haul Trucking, who was the Class of the AA last year, has come aboard as a sponsor with Bill Taylor from Taylor Brothers and Brent Rhodes from Shen Corps to form their new Super Team. TPS is continuing to sponsor their equipment, along with honoring their contract players. As for player changes they are: Andy Purcell, a pitcher who played with Sunnyvale last year, Jimmy Powers, who played with Sunbelt last year, Brian King, who played with Sunnyvale and veteran pitcher Teddy Larson, formerly with Long Haul are the new additions to their roster. Taking over as manager of this team is Gary Jost, who was the boss of Long Haul/TPS last year, whom I named myself Manager of the Year. Gary will have Big Shoes to fill, as he takes over for Mike Glasscock, who stepped down as manager of this winning team, Team TPS. This team, in my opinion will be as good, if not better than the previous team with their additions. I’m sure they can improve and maybe the best team again. I believe that if the players come ready to play both mentally and physically, and get the same chemistry they had as Team TPS, this team will be able to reach any goals that they set. I can tell you from past experience, that this is a World Class, First Class organization from TPS to the sponsors and the players. This team will be a Class Act. I would like to wish John, Bill, Brent, Gary, TPS and the players a successful, healthy and a great 2001 season.