Missing Report

I want to apologize to all the Old Scout Fans and teams for not posting the Softball Report last week.  I was very sick and had to pay a visit to the local hospital. I am doing ok now and am back in motion.  I also apologize for not being in Michigan City, this past weekend and reporting the scores, but I was not healthy enough to be there.  I will be reporting from God willing all the Super Worlds from Class A and AA World’s coming up. I did not get much information from the Texarkana USSSA Tournament.  Dennis Chumley

did help by posting the scores and I thanked him for that.  Congratulations to Mountain Top/Advance Cash/TPS for wining this tournament.  I would also like to congratulate Metro Glass Wartom who finished in third place in this tournament and accepted the berth to Walt Disney World.  Second place in this tournament went to Team AAA and fourth place went to Budweiser/Summerlin/Team Expert/Worth.