Music City NIT

Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth wins it’s fourth straight USSSA Conference NIT, the Music City. The sod boys maybe too old, but I don’t know if anybody can beat them. Resmondo’s last four NIT’s have amounted to two full complete games, with all the other games having been run-ruled. Resmondo lost in Florida in April and have done nothing but win from there on out. This team is hitting the hell out of it and they’re also playing very good D. Andy Purcell is getting people out. He has not allowed more than 15 runs per game over the last four tournaments. This team is on tract right now and it’s going to take somebody to have a great game to stop the Resmondo express. I was told that BJ Fulk had an unbelievable weekend. The big boy from North Carolina supposedly was 40-40, which is probably a record, I will check it out. Congratulations to the sod boys and good luck in your next one.

Long Haul/Phonemaster/Miken got the runner-up spot in this one, but were no match for Resmondo in the championship game. Long Haul who had beat the sod boys in Florida, have now been hammered by Resmondo the last four times they played. Long Haul is proving it can handle the best class A & B teams, but are having trouble with the two big boys. I still believe they will give Resmondo & Smith a hard time, but they will have to play their best to beat either one. Congratulations to Long Haul on your weekend and good luck in your next one.

Jean Shoppe/Easton finished in third place this past weekend. The Shoppe boys beat the teams they should have and lost to the teams they should of period. Make no mistake this team will be at the top of the class A and battling for the championship at the end. Congratulations to the Shoppe guys and good luck down the road.

Suncoast/RBK got the fourth spot in this one. The Reebok boys are starting to play much better in the last couple of NIT’s. I believe this team has a chance to be in the thick of things down the stretch in class A, we will see. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck in the future.