NSA A Super World Series

ABS/Easton, the over the hill gang won this NSA Worlds. I don’t think this bunch is too far over the hill. These guys can still get it done and have all season long. Devine, Dill, Minjelli and the rest of the boys have proven all season that they can play with any of the Class A teams in the country. This bunch beat some pretty good softball teams on route to the championship. Congratulations on a great win and good luck in the other Worlds you play.

Second place went to Laser Vision/Easton who had a very good weekend going as they won the winner’s bracket finals, but got the ice cream job getting double dipped and finishing in second. I have said to watch out for this bunch, and sure enough they were right there knocking on the door. Congratulations on a very good weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

P.S. Laser Vision is looking for an infielder for the rest of the season. Anyone interested put it on my message board and they will answer.

Third place went to Fencebroker’s/Worth. This bunch has played a lot this season and most of the time they are around the top. Great job guys and good luck in the rest of the Worlds.

Fourth place goes to Plumbers & Fitters out of Michigan who always do a great job when they play in these World Tournaments. Congratulations on a good weekend and good luck the rest of the way.

I would like to commend Brooks fior another great job running this NSA Class A World. I also want to thank Brooks and his staff for posting the scores and results. Thanks again