NSA AA Super Worlds

BEP/KCS/JDS/TPS out of Houston, Texas wins the NSA AA World this past weekend. MVP Jamey Wisham led the Texas boys to the Championship and won for the second time in two years, last year playing as AJA/TPS. Sterling Ibrom got his veteran players to pick it up and push them to another championship. Congratulations to the whole squad. Finishing in 2nd. place was Gasoline Heaven/Worth who has struggled all season long, but played pretty good to get the runner-up spot this week. Reece’s/Rooster/Easton had another good finish as they took 3rd. place in this one. The 4th place spot was Snap-On/Easton, a Class A team from Illinois. Jim Kimmel ran this event and gave another good effort, but because the ASA would not move their date he had a hard time getting enough teams and had to settle for four. Hopefully next year the two sides can put their differences aside and put their Tournaments on different weekends. I didn’t get much information from this tournament so I don’t have much to write about. I’m sure that Jim is glad that he has only the Class A World in Illinois left and that will be it for the Big Boys in the 2001 season.

Jim, it was a great job done by you and your NSA staff all season long.

In the round robin KCS was 0-2, Snap-on and Reece were both 1-1 and Gas Heaven went 2-0.

Game #1 Reece 33 Snap-on 30
Game #2 KCS 25 Gas Heaven 17
Game #3 Gas Heaven 29 Snap-on 18
Game #4 KCS 30 Reece 29
Game #5 Gas Heaven 43 Reece 25
Championship Game KCS won by 1 run!!! Sorry but I did not get the score.


MVP – Jamie Wisham
Mike Rayburn
Tim McLendon
Billy Blake
Tony Ashcraft
Mark Schobel
Ken Scobee

Gas Heaven
Defensive MVP John Hackengurg
Mike Dill
Aaron Oburn
Dewey Fussell
Andy Ahko

Thanks again to the teams that supported the NSA all year. It was a real shame that this weekend ended up the way it did. I hope that 2002 will be better year for everyone.