NSA NIT – Rock Hill, SC

The fireworks came early in this one, and the final climax ended when the Pov’s boys had to catch their flights back to Minnesota and this tournament came to a hault. Pov’s was leading by 17 when the action stopped. Smoke’s/TPS was declared the winner and thus gets the berth to Ft. Wayne, Ind. for the 2001 World Series. There’s no question that this is the way the rules are written when this type of incident happens. It certainly isn’t any fault of Pov’s that they couldn’t get later flights. I have been told that they had notified the tournament directors. If anybody is at fault, then obviously someone has to take the blame, then it has to be the people in charge. I’m constantly preaching to the people that run these NIT’s that they’ve got to factor in all of the problems that can and will happen before they draw up the tournament. There was no way using two fields that are 300′ and play like 280′ using a very strong ball, playing pool play and single elimination , unless they played to the wee hours of the night could this tournament be completed on time. When the directors of these tournaments on 300′ fields wake up and put the right balls in these tournaments on these band boxes, then maybe the tournaments will run smoothly. Nobody works harder than Jim Kimmel promoting, understanding and total dedication to the teams. Jim cares about the teams, sponsors and the players. Hopefully lessons were learned from this situation and it won’t happen again. It sure is not the first time this has happened. There’s no question that Pov’s should have been able to win this tournament between the lines. Hopefully they will attend more NSA tournaments, because I believe they must be one of the teams in the NSA World Series. Now as for Smoke’s, I knew they had a very good team. I didn’t rank them up early for I wanted to see what they would do against better competition, and they sure proved they can play with the best of the AA, A teams. Smoke’s/TPS beat a very good AA team in Budweiser, and also won against some other very good teams that were in this tournament. I want to congratulate Smokes/ABS/TPS on their win in Rock Hill, no matter how they won it. It certainly wasn’t their fault that Pov’s had to catch their flights. I don’t believe that they should of committed to a 5 inning game either. Congratulations also goes to Gasoline Heaven/Worth who tied for third place in their first tournament of the year. I’m sure they’ll do better in their next outings for they are a very good team. As for Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Travel/Master Graphics/Easton who also tied for third, they didn’t play very well this weekend after coming off a great showing in Texas last weekend. Okay boys this one’s over and some mistakes were made, but believe me the NSA will make sure this doesn’t happen again, and they will continue to do a terrific job in their NIT’s, as they’ve always done in the past. Let’s go on from here looking forward to their next event in Indianapolis. I want to wish all the teams good luck throughout the season.

The Old Scout

1. Smokes/ABS/TPS
2. Pov’s/Walser Chevy/Reebok/TPS
3. Gasoline Heaven/Worth – Tied
3. Budweiser/Summerlin/I-Travel/Master Graphics/Easton – Tied

All Tournament team as I have them


Jerald Smith
Bobby Gilbert


Jimmy Rogers
Bobby Baines
Scott Grant
Dale Sensening
Randy Roberts

MVP: Jimmy Rogers