NSA Super Qualifier Plano, TX

The first NSA Super Qualifier of the season was played in Plano, Texas this weekend, and the surprising winner was Quick Roofing out of Texas. This is not the Mountain Top/Quick team, this is a Class A team sponsored by Mr. Quick. I haven’t seen this bunch play, but Greg Huchinson told me they are a scrappy A team. Quick had beaten Budweiser/Sunnyvale/Worth on the baseball field playing with 90′ bases with the wind blowing straight in. This tournament also used 300′ fields and there were some higher scoring games on them. Quick Roofing had planned not to play in the NSA Super Worlds and elected to not play the Championship Finals against Budweiser/Worth. This ended up being very good for the Budweiser/Sunnyvale/Worth team as they had players who had to catch their flights. So Budweiser got the berth to the NSA World’s in Spartanburg, SC. Greg also told me the games were running so far behind that the first Championship game that was scheduled for 1:00PM Sunday would not of started until 5:30PM. He also told me he had enough players to play the championships if both teams agreed to play. It looks to me like Quick Roofing has a very competitive A team and I’m looking forward to seeing them down the road. Congratulations Quick Roofing. Greg stated that “he was very happy with his team and that Wendall Rickard hit it very well and shortstop Brian King played great defense too”. Third place in this tourney went to Absolute/BEP out of Texas. This is a very competitive A or AA team, which ever you want to call them. They have some veteran players who know how to play this game. They’ll be a contender all season. Fourth spot went to US Vinyl/Miken who slipped in this one, but still have a very good team. Don’t count this bunch out on the weekends. Sunbelt/Mizuno played their first tournament of the season and got off to a slow start, but I’m sure they’ll get their act together real soon. This team has some very talented players who’ve been there before. I’m sure they can’t wait to get to Daytona and see what happens there. This tournament looked to be very competitive.