Peach State USSSA NIT

T&R Stucco have now proven that they are a top legit Class A team, who can play with any of the better Class A teams in the country. The Stucco boys put it all together this past weekend and won the Peach State USSSA Conference NIT. This bunch played extremely well in Kissimmee, Fla. this past month and I ranked them up in the top 10. The Stucco boys have proven that they will be a legitimate contender to win the Class A Worlds. Troy, Tiny & Jackie Hayes have put together a solid class A team. This team has very good defense, good hitting and enough power to keep teams honest. I believe with Jackie there this will make a big difference when it’s on the line. Jackie has the experience and knowledge of bigtime softball that will help some of these players who have never been winning at this level. He will make a difference. The Stucco boys beat the best of the Class A this weekend, Jean Shoppe twice, Taylor Made and others on route to the championship. Congratulations on a great win and good luck on your next one.

Jean Shoppe/Easton finished second and shown why they’re one of the best in Class A. Make no mistake this bunch can play having veteran players like Todd Joerling and Hank Garris on their roster as they will help any good A team. These two have been two of the great players of all time in the game. Joerling & Garris are well into their forties, but still know how to win and play the game. This team also has some very good young talent, and I look for this team to be right at the top in the end. Congratulations on a very good weekend and good luck in your next one.
Taylor Made/Titan/Mizuno finished in third place in this one. The Mizuno boys showed why they are right up there with the top 6 or 7 very good Class A teams in the country. I had said in an earlier report there were about 6 or 7 very good Class A teams, and it’s proving me right. T&R, Jean Shoppe, Taylor Made, Bud Light, GTL, Suncoast, Blitz/Watanabe are the top Class A teams in 2009. I also believe there are about 6 to 8 very good Class B teams and of course the three super teams that make up bigtime softball in 2009. I believe that this is how bigtime softball should be. I also believe that 16 good competitive teams are enough to play 8-10 NIT’s , a Conference Championship and the USSSA Worlds, which make up bigtime softball. I also know when 20 or 25 of the top players leave the game in the next 3-5 years we will then have 16 very competitive team, and that any one of them could win a tournament on any given weekend, and that’s how it should be. Congratulations to Taylor Made/Mizuno and good luck down the road.

Suncoast/RBK finally played like it should and finished third in this one. This team is much better than it has showed and I’m sure will continue to play much better. Congratulations on your weekend and good luck down the road.

Congratulations to the Georgia USSSA staff on running your NIT, it was a good one. Good luck in the future.

I like the weekends when the big three are not entered I believe it lets the class A & B teams see who are the better teams in their divisions. It’s definitely good for the game a few weekends a year without the big boys. Congratulations to all the class A, B, C & D teams who participate in all the NIT’s throughout the season and good luck to all the rest of the year.